Thats the name my family has adoringly given this nourishing, beautiful dish.

I was introduced to Bangalee in my early teens. My Aunt was married to a man from Bangladesh and this is one of the gems that came from that union.

Little did I know what a perfect blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients was cooking up in this magical concoction.

All I  knew is that it immediately took over my senses, stains anything it touches a brilliant yellow and took hold of  my heart for life!!

One of my all time comfort foods from my heart to yours.  Enjoy!

The basic ingredients list:

Note: Cooking is meant to be creative and enjoyable.  Experiment with amounts of flavor and spice levels according to your tastes.

I have done this so many different ways.  You can do quick versions or let it slow cook all day. Whatever your vessel of choice might be, pot on the stove, crock pot, cast iron skillet, dutch oven even instant pot!

It is a one pot situation so all the flavors mingle and create magic!!  Have fun with it, own it ,make it yours!

  • A couple Tablespoons avocado oil
  • garlic cloves, fresh as many as you like, crushed or blended
  • ginger root, fresh peeled and crushed or blended (blending garlic, ginger and turmeric root or powder together is a good hack here)
  • onion, I use a white onion, cut however makes your mouth happy
  • Turmeric root, fresh or ground powder.  I recommend powder unless you have worked with root before*warning you better like yellow, any thing it touches gets stained so use caution.  You will see what I mean 🙂 its so worth it.
  • Cardamom, pods or ground start with a teaspoon
  • Clove, whole or ground about 4 cloves to start or a small pinch
  • Hot factor, jalapeno , cayenne, habanero which ever you fancy.  Whole, powder, dried and crushed amount depends on desired heat
  • Salt, sea salt , mineral salt, Himalayan pink salt
  • Meat of your choice *or make a vegetarian version just as easily by leaving it out.
  • Cilantro, a bunch
  • Spinach, fresh, a bunch
  • Potatoes start with 3 medium can be adjusted. Cut them in bite sized pieces * leave out if you are doing low or no carb. Sweet potato can be a substitute in a small amount
  • Cauliflower, a head can be adjusted, bite sized pieces.
  • Zucchini and or yellow summer squash at least 2 medium size
  • Tomatoes, fresh, canned, grape tomatoes or pear tomatoes. Amount depends on preference start with 2 medium sized fresh or 1 can.  You can omit these if you don’t like them or do not consume night shades. When I use tomatoes I prefer pear tomatoes. They are bite sized, sweeter,  no cutting  and the skins are not floating around randomly lol, just my preference.
  • Lime, for squeezing on at the end as a finish
  • Yogurt, kefir, greek yogurt and coconut milk (the full fat legit stuff only) spritzed with lemon juice as an option on the side is sometimes a nice compliment
  • Rice, spaghetti squash, quinoa all options, serving plain works as well depending on your eating strategy and parameters. Other veggie additions and or substitutions are parsnips, carrots, collard greens, kale (love these greens, they are more flavorful and hearty), cabbage, brussels sprouts.

Now….. In a Large pot with a lid, brown the meat slightly in the avocado oil, add ginger, garlic and onion. Stir and cook till onion is starting to soften slightly.  Add clove, cardamom, turmeric, and hot factor, salt lightly.

Add your more dense, longer cook time veggies (ex. potatoes, cauliflower)   first keeps it all consistent, instead of the softer, like zucchini getting cooked to death and cauliflower still crunchy.  I like a little life left in my veggies so I cook them until there is still a little crunch left.  Cover with a lid and let cook over medium-low heat till the tenderness is just right for you. Once those are where you like add the other veggies, zucchini, cabbage, brussels sprouts etc. and or other squash tomatoes and heavier greens (collard greens, kale, chopped of course).  saving spinach and cilantro till the last 5 mins of cooking.  Holding aside some fresh garlic fas well for the end is a treat if you are a garlic lover. Mmmm hmmm!

The last time I did this(featured pic) was as a food prep dish.  Meaning a basic version I could add to all week long changing it up for variety.  I used grass-fed beef stew meat, veggies were cauliflower and brussels sprouts.  throughout the week  added other greens and even used cold on a bed of spinach and cilantro with fresh squeezed lime and a bit of avocado oil and a grind of Himalayan salt to dress it.  YUMMMMMM!!

Whats makes it anti inflammatory?  Ginger, turmeric and cardamom are all closely related and known for their well documented medicinal properties.

Here are a few of the bennies:

  • regulates blood sugar
  • relieves joint and muscle pain
  • helps soothe nausea
  • promotes proper digestion
  • eases inflammation
  • improves brain function
  • reduces depression
  • could be preventative against certain cancers
  • effectively detoxifies the body

I hope you find Bangalee as incredibly pleasurable and satisfying as I do.  Make it for yourself and share, with friends.

Who knows maybe it will be a family favorite of yours as well.


Dannielle 🙂