Durango, CO

Durango, CO

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“Dannielle, I am absolutely blown away. Meeting you and receiving this information could not be more timely in my life. Discussing my chart with you has enlightened me to the deepest aspects of myself that I have always *felt* within, but never had the thorough understanding and courage to claim. You and your work have confirmed my deepest knowings that I have carried with me my entire life, which grants me full permission to embody who I am at soul level. This gift is invaluable to not only my existence in this human experience, but to all of those whom I will have the pleasure of interacting with in this lifetime, especially my children. I am forever, humbly grateful to have connected with you and I thank you for your influence in my life. You have truly changed everything. My purpose has been amplified, and now I get to have all the fun with the universe in implementing and creating connection and beauty in this world.  All of my thanks in this life and all that there has ever been,”


“Your body wisdom holds your deepest truth and awareness.”

It is the portal into yourself….where the magic lies!

As a result of 30+ years experience I have discovered that leveraging the body’s natural wisdom & design is profoundly influential in the process of releasing stress, pain, recovering vitality and deeply honoring your true self.

When you reconnect with your natural wisdom & design you are able to trust yourself, unfold into your wholeness, release what is no longer aligned for you & show up authentically.

I support busy heart centered women reconnect with their true nature through Body Wisdom Practices, Integrative Bodywork and their Human Design so they can cultivate from within the personal confidence and skills essential to live a purposeful life anchored in harmony even among the hustle.

I work 1-to-1, in small groups and virtually.

Much love,


Dannielle Arceneaux has been practicing & teaching Healing Arts modalities & embodiment practices for over 30 years. She has a curious, playful, science meets spirit style. Her experience includes Reiki, Martial Arts, Yoga,Therapeutic & energetic Bodywork, Applied Movement Neurology, Ancestral Health, & Embodiment Coaching.