April 11th – Gate 42, Gate of Conclusion

Celebration, Closing Loops, Full Potential

This week’s energy is asking us to bring projects, dreams and goals into full bloom, to finish things so you create space for something new.

This time lends to letting go of the need to start all the things and instead focusing more on closing some loops.

When we see the process through to its conclusion we tie up loose ends, cut away what is not serving us and eliminate distractions. In addition we feel a sense of accomplishment and are on our way to cultivating the confidence we need to keep going!

Questions to consider

Do I own and value my natural gift of knowing how to bring things to completion? What things in my life do I need to finish in order to make room for something new?Am I holding on to old circumstances and patterns because I’m afraid to let them go? Do I judge myself for not starting things? How can I learn to be gentler with myself?

I invite you to put the power of the pen to use with these questions and contemplations each week. It’s a pathway to begin exercising your ability to start AND finish something.  Set a timer for just 5 minutes, create a quick win for yourself you can build on.


“I am gifted at knowing when and how to finish things. I respond to bringing events, experiences, and relationships to a conclusion in order to create space for something new and more abundant. I can untangle the cosmic entanglements that keep people stuck in old patterns. My ability to re-align and complete things helps others create space for transformation and expansion. Even though I have hesitated in the past to finish what I needed to finish in order to make room for something new and better, I now choose to bring things to a powerful ending.”

(Questions and affirmation source: Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year. Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.)


April 16th – Gate 3, Gate of Innovation

Leaps Of Faith, Newness, Initiation, Order From Chaos, Playful

The universe is asking you to take the process of transforming the chaos that comes with a new beginning and make it as playful as possible.

You can also rest assured that those who need to hear your ideas and insights will be ready to hear them when the time is right.

In the meantime, you can wait with expectation and anxiousness or you can let the universe handle it while you do what lights you up!

Yes! Really!!


Questions to consider

Where has Divine Timing worked out in my life? What has waiting taught me? Do I trust in Divine Timing? If the opportunity to share my ideas with the world presented itself today, would I be ready? If I am not ready, what do I need to prepare to be ready?


“I am here to bring change to the world. My natural ability to see what else is possible to create something new is my strength and my gift. I patiently cultivate my inspiration and use my understanding of what is needed to help evolve the world”.

(Questions and affirmation source: Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year. Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.)


April 16th, Full Moon Libra 26 degrees, 45 minutes

Gate 50 The Gate of Nurturing

Values, Harmony, Collective Empowerment

It’s time to clean house a bit!

Full moon energy is all about exploring what we need to release and let go of in order to stay in alignment with our intentions.

This Full Moon cycle brings us an opportunity to explore our willingness to set aside doubt so we can create beyond what we currently think is possible.

We are invited to take a closer look at our relationship and partnership agreements. We get to decide if they are in our best interest, aligned with our goals and values or if they need to be released or re-negotiated.


To learn to nurture in ways that empower yourself and others. Continuing in a pattern of giving in a disempowering way depletes us of the vital energy we need to live our lives to the fullest.

Often the fear of letting others down or trying to be the buffer between a person and their self derived consequences is a breeding ground  for guilt and overcompensation.

That’s a lot of outgoing energy that can be rerouted.

Optimal Expression

The ability to fill your own cup so that you have more to share.  To listen to your intuition around what people truly need to bring themselves into greater love and alignment. To teach and share your experience so that may increase the wellbeing of others.

Unbalanced Expression

To fall into the trap of guilt that causes you to commit to things that don’t feel good for you.

To “care too much”creates a state of burn out.


What new rules do I need to play by? Do I need to create new rules in my relationships, my business, for my health, wealth, and welfare?Do I love myself? Do I need to nurture myself more? Do I have the strength and foundation to love freely? Do I feel safe in love?


I establish the rules for my reality. I take care and nourish myself so that I may take care and nourish others. Everything I do for others I do for myself first in order to sustain my energy and power. I rule with self-love and then love freely.

(Questions and affirmation source: Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year. Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.)


My Take

If you are feeling a bit heavy hearing some of this it’s ok.  When you’re facing what seems challenging it’s totally normal!

You’re in good company here as I’ve been up front and personal with these concepts on many levels.

There’s been some deep healing work for me to do with patterns of over giving and overdoing that have led to serious burnout.

Shining the light of awareness on those patterns has been key to slowly shifting them.

Perfection has also been a major theme for me, I’ve let it paralyze and stop me from finishing things more times than I can count! 

Sharing whatever it is, sometimes all unpolished, serves as a reminder that, “done beats perfect”, and it doesn’t have to be 100% for it to be effective. 

Deeply nurturing myself so that I am vital has also been something I’ve had to make a priority.  I didn’t really learn that was a priority, many of us don’t. It seems to reflect a long standing cultural pattern.

It’s all part of being human and it’s all energy!

Hope you are enjoying the ride!

Dannie 🙂 


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