Welcome back! 

Here we are with the eclipse season upon us!

April 28, Gate 24-Gate of Blessings 

April 30, New Moon in Taurus 

Silence, Still point, Mental Renewal, Rationalization

Once again New Moon energy symbolizes new beginnings and asks us to focus our intentions on what we want to grow and expand on in our lives.

Eclipse energy amplifies the intensity of the New Moon, together they are an absolute power-combo for new beginnings and new intentions. This duo asks us to take a look at where we might have been settling  for less than what we want or deserve.

Instead of asking why something has happened to us, we can shift into questioning how an event might have the capacity to help us grow.

This is a ripe opportunity to rewrite the story you tell about your life to reflect your worthiness, your strength and resiliency no matter what has happened in the past.  Fortify your willingness to allow yourself to be on the receiving end of what you want and deserve. No longer defining yourself as a victim.


To learn to find the blessings in all situations, even the painful ones and use painful circumstances as a way to grow in your own power and sense of value. To learn to value yourself enough to not rationalize settling for less than what you deserve.

Optimal Expression: To recognize all experiences have the potential for growth and expansion. To redefine the stories of your experiences to reflect what you learned and how you grew. To be grateful for all of your life experiences and to liberate yourself from stories that no longer serve you.

Unbalanced Expression: To rationalize staying stuck in victimhood or staying in old stuck patterns of behavior that don’t support the highest expression of your value.


Make a list of everything that feels good and is working in your life.

What have your greatest challenges taught you?

Where might you be settling for less than what you want or deserve?


“I give my attention to my progress and all that is good. I focus on what is working, what is aligning, and I trust that all that is good will grow. I celebrate my successes and focus on creating more success by simply attending to that which is correct for me.”

(Challenge, contemplations & affirmation source) Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year  Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.

My Take

I love this energy!

It makes for a super juicy support in shifting out of victim consciousness and into ownership of the reality you want to bring forth.  

Things will always be happening in our lives. We can choose to be a victim and stay there wallowing in the pain and suffering or we can find the blessings, extracting the gems that can be used to bring ourselves into greater personal empowerment. 

It’s only when we realize our value that we increase our frequency and stop settling for less than we deserve.

Somewhere along the way a belief gets adopted that to have a healthy sense of self worth and value is selfish or egotistical.  That is actually not true and a mindset that keeps you stuck!

I say BE SELFISH if that means you live in your value, take really good care of yourself and are comfortable with receiving. 

Accepting and allowing ourselves to receive all the yummy goodness the universe has for us is a birthright. You do not need to rationalize that you deserve it!

If that feels bold, excellent!! 

That’s the direction of courageously stepping into the expansion of what is possible for you.

Through the lens of painful life experiences it could be easy to rationalize that I am a victim, cutting myself off from the potential gifts that come from those experiences. 

The key for me is to always acknowledge what has transpired, then ask what can I take away from this that will help me grow, evolve and help others?

So much of our quality of life is about perspective and the path we deliberately choose to take.

I encourage you choose to experience what brings you the most joy and cultivate the ability to see the blessings in all  situations.

Thats all for this week, take care my friends!

Dannie 🙂


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