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A quick note before we get going today…

Just as you are whole and complete with all of your answers inside of you, we ALL have ALL of the energies in our design, even if they are undefined or open. 

They are just experienced differently than if they were defined.

When a particular energy is “in transit” it shows up in our design as more of a “defined” energy.

Meaning more sustainable and expressed in a more specific way. 

In essence, we get to “borrow” and use the particular energy for the transit duration.

If we already have the energy defined in our design, you could say it is somewhat amplified during the transit time.


April 5th, Gate 51, Gate of Initiation

Shock, Awakening, Powerful, Unconditional Love

Initiation is defined as the act of beginning something.  In this context it may include a sense of shock or of being “woke up” to something. 

If you can count on anything it’s change. ( My Mom taught me that little gem ).

The unexpected can cause you to lose your faith or connection with your purpose and Source.

Please! Hang in there! This too shall pass and may even (if you allow it) open up your awareness to the silver lining.

This is a lovely opportunity to use your own story of initiation, to initiate others so they can fulfill their rightful place in the bigger picture. We really are in this together. 


Some Questions To Consider

Has there been a time in your life when you experienced something shocking or unexpected? What did you learn from that experience?  How can your experiences of initiation be shared with others? What are you here to wake people up to?

Quantum Affirmation

“I navigate change and transformation with Grace. I know that when my life takes a twist or a turn, it is my soul calling me out to serve at a higher level. I use disruption as a catalyst for my own growth and expansion. I am a teacher and an initiator. I use my ability to transform pain into growth and power to help others navigate through crisis and emerge on the other side of the crisis empowered and aligned”.

(Questions and Affirmation Source: Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year . Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.)


My Take

A sense of initiation is necessary to shake things up to move out of complacency and grow.

When it happens it’s hard not to feel the impact. I choose to harness that power!

This can look like an accident, injury, illness, loss of a loved one, relationship strain, birth of a baby, isolation, pandemic, you get the idea. It can also be a simple insight that lands just the right way for you to awaken into something deeper.

I’m sure there’s an easier path but in reality most of us humans work in a way that requires quite a bit more than a nudge.

Feeling a certain level of discomfort initiates the desire to make the shifts you know you need to make.

For me it’s feeling the fear and taking aligned action in the face of that fear that builds courage, resilience and forward momentum.

I have danced with this baby all of my life and have come to deeply appreciate its gifts. 

Using this energy as a catalyst for transformation over and over has been something I almost rely on. 

It’s proved so powerful in my life that it can be a delicate dance between creating initiating situations and allowing them to occur organically. 

This is part of why I love the transformative value of coaching.  You can experience this process in a safe and supportive way.

So the next time something may feel initially shocking and push you off your center or out of your comfort zone, after exhaling deeply, look for the gift that highlights this powerful source for transformation and growth.

What you get out of it depends on how you choose to look at it. I believe in you!

Love to you all!!

Dannie 🙂


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