Hello everyone!

(I am reposting this because in my learning curve I left out an entire segment on gate 49! Thanks for being here with me as this shapes up.)

As you may have noticed I have switched over to a podcast and slowly getting into my flow with it. YAY!!

This is an invitation to reconnect with your natural wisdom, to trust yourself, unfold into your wholeness & release what is no longer aligned for you so you can show up authentically and unleash your brilliance!

Begin to cultivate, from within, the personal confidence & skills essential to live a life anchored in harmony, even among the hustle.

Join me for conversations & resources geared to help support you as you reconnect with yourself through Body Wisdom Practices, Intuitive Bodywork & your Human Design.

Sound Body. Sound Mind. Sound Life.

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**I support busy heart centered women reconnect with their true nature through Body Wisdom Practices, Intuitive Bodywork and their Human Design so they can cultivate from within the personal confidence and skills essential to live a life anchored in harmony even among the hustle. 

I work 1-to-1, in small groups and virtually.