A lot is swirling about today!

July 13, Gate 62, Gate of Preparation/ Gate of Details 

Piercing language, Clarity, Being a translator, and the organization of ideas.

Organizing details and making them clear to understand helps people make sense of complex situations and concepts.

Once you are invited to share, do so with clarity and precision.

Be mindful that worry and the need to over prepare may distract yo from the present moment.

Trust that you will be prepared for the next step.


“I create the foundation for the practice of Mastery by engineering the plan of action that creates growth. I am in the flow of my understanding and I use my knowledge and experience to be prepared for the evolution of what’s next. I am ready and I am prepared. I trust my own preparation and allow myself to be in the flow of what’s next, knowing that I will know what I need to know when I need to know it.” 

Contemplations / Journal Questions

Do I worry?

 What do I do to manage my worry?

 What can I do to trust that I know what I need to know?

 What proof do I have that I am in the flow of preparation?

 Is there anything in my life right now that I need to plan for?

 Am I over planning?

 Does my need for contingency plans keep me stuck?

July 13- Super Full Moon

Gate 61, Gate of Wonder/Gate of Mystery 

Mystery, Seeking, Inner Truth, and Mysticism

This full moon in Capricorn asks us to go deep, to revel in the mystery of life.

Time to get curious and creative about what we would like to explore and how we can release our need to know all the answers. 

Be aware of getting bogged down by the details and slipping into anxiousness about needing to know. 

Let innocence and wonder lead in witnessing your mental process, allowing your inner truth to reveal itself  in its natural timing.

Developing your bigger picture perspective may be helpful to stay out of the weeds this week. 


“In the stillness I surrender to the Great Mystery of Life and the Divine. I allow Divine Inspiration to wash over me, and I listen with great attention and appreciation. I trust that I receive the perfect inspiration And I simply let the inspiration flow through me. I am grateful.”

 Contemplations / Journal Questions

What do I do to maintain my sense of wonder?

How can I deepen my awe in the magnificence of the Universe?

What old thoughts, patterns and beliefs do I need to release in order to align with my knowingness and to trust my “delusional confidence” as a powerful creative state?

What greater perspective on the events of my life can I see?

What are the greatest lessons I’ve learned from my pain?

How do I use these lessons to expand my self-expression?

My Take

Even though you may feel compelled or under pressure to do something you can choose to relax and trust that what you need will be provided. 

This is always a present theme in my life and I am surrendering to it deeply this week! 

What I appreciate about this energy is that each time I choose to relax and trust I realize how simple it is to get back into flow. 

The flip side of that for me is anxiety. The more energy I put into worrying the more pressure builds and soon I am way off track and feeling hopeless.

Oh, there are times I have absolutely allowed myself to be terrorized by the pressure and caved in, but not today!

Embracing the wonder, curiosity and playfulness in life shifts the  mindset, calms the body and opens opportunities that may have been missed. 

Much love my friends,



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Source for affirmations, contemplations and journal questions, Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year. Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.