July 19-Gate 56, Gate of Expansion / Gate of the Storyteller

Stimulation, Telling stories, Delight, and Personal Empowerment 

This is a powerful emotional energy that creates evolution and growth highlighting what might be possible.

The challenge is not to get stuck in contraction and depletion; instead, share stories from your experience that are expansive and empower others to think about what is possible.  

We teach and learn through story telling and the stories we tell about ourselves become our lives.  

All of our adventures are valuable and need to have a voice. It could be of great influence on someone who needs to hear it.

The shadow aspect of this gate is to get caught up in the need for constant stimulation. 

Most people have a hard enough time getting some peace from the “monkey mind” and with today’s technology you can be plugged in 24/7! 

Too much detracts from the stillness our nervous systems require to rest, repair and function in healthy ways.

Contemplations / Journal Questions

What stories do I share repeatedly with others?

Do they lift them up or cause them to contract?

What stories do I tell about myself and my voice that cause me to either expand or contract?

What am I here to inspire others to do or be?


“I am a divine storyteller. The stories of possibility I share have the power to inspire others to grow and expand. I use my words as a template for possibility and expansion for the world. I inspire the world with my words.”

My Take

I can see how sharing stories is key to personal development and evolution. 

As a very young girl my life was filled with Aesop’s Fables and fairy tales.

Stories like The Little Engine That Could, Lion and the Mouse, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and The Little Red Hen, among others all shaped my thinking.

Fortunately I had a lot of positive stimulation early and I was a die hard PBS kid!

I also developed a passion for the human body, mind and spirit. 

How magnificent we are!!

What I drew from most of that was my values around who I want to be in the world and inspiration to think about what is below the surface, how things work, the bigger picture. 

How we stimulate ourselves is of major interest to anyone who wants to shift their current reality. 

What comes into our body from our senses is important information we process about the world and our safety. 

It determines if we struggle or thrive and much is within our personal control. 

You can even delight in the not-so-feel-good experiences with a reframe that serves your higher interests better than being a victim of circumstance. 

I 100% know this to be true and for me and it’s a worthwhile direction I choose to pursue. 

Perfection is not attainable, recalibrating and refinement are always a welcome part of my process.

Being who I am I also believe it is possible for you and hope to be a source of authentic inspiration.

Much love my friends,



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Source for affirmations, contemplations and journal questions, Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year. Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.