July 7, Gate 53, The Gate of Starting/Gate of Beginnings

Initiating, Navigating New Beginnings, Seeing Opportunities

This week after recalibration comes the energy for getting things started.  Although it’s not the frenetic “just do it” flavor, it is the setting the stage in preparation for what is to come.

There may be a sense of pressure to get out there and start all the things now but chose wisely and know it is not necessarily about finishing so take it easy and go with what feels aligned vs overwhelming.

Sometimes the beginning phases can feel challenging but with the transit this week you’ve got some support.

Commit to stay tuned in with yourself  so you can receive those valuable insights.

See All of Life As An Opportunity To Grow

Becoming aware of the frequency and intention behind your actions it opens up your vision, then you can see if it is actually time to personally take action or it’s an opportunity for you to deepen into resting and recharging. When the timing is right to execute, or hand  the ball off , you will know.


 “I am a servant to divine inspiration. My thoughts, inspiration, and ideas set the stage for creative expansion and the potential for evolution. I take action on the ideas that present themselves to me in an aligned way. I honor all other ideas, knowing that my gift is the spark of energy that gets things rolling when the timing is right. While I wait for right timing, I guard my energy and charge my battery so that I am sustainable when the time is right for action.


 How do I feel about myself when I have an idea and I can’t get it initiated?

 How do I feel when someone takes my initial idea and builds on it? Do I value what I started?

 What identities and attachments do I have to being the one who starts and finishes something?

 Do I judge myself for not finishing something? How can I be more gentle with myself?

 Do I trust Divine timing? How can I deepen my trust in right timing?


 My Take 

Yikes! Ive been having some technical difficulties so, I am just gonna roll with it, let it be easy and hope for the best….

It’s been challenging for me at times to wrap my head around the idea that one person can start something and not necessarily need to finish it. 

I definitely passed some judgment on myself there. The silliness of it all is that half of the time that has not even been my own inner voice but thoughts from where I have been conditioned to think if I am not following through on EVERYTHING then I am somehow a sub par human. 


That goes against the entire follow through concept. In some instances bringing things to completion isn’t  the same person’s role and the sky wont actually fall. 

In truth this is in part why collaboration can work well.  Some people are starters while others are finishers. Cultivating those relationships where we incorporate all the aspects as a collective helps everyone feel empowered. 

I find it incredibly easy to plant a lot of seeds then as they grow see what is coming up and feel overwhelmed. 

This is where I need to get really clear with myself about what to start instead of judging or acting from a place of fear and scarcity. 

Trusting in right timing is challenging especially if there is any sense of pressure. I will often find myself struggling here noticing that it’s more about relieving pressure than trusting. 

In fact I am there as we speak once again!  Currently taking a lot of deep breaths, exercising the “trust in the face of uncertainty muscle” and being more deliberate about what I take on.

Additionally, being gentle with myself if the true answer is not now. 

Contemplating and journalling have been helpful, even if it is brief, to get out of my head finding more clarity.

I include those prompt here as tools for reflection.  Hopefully you gain some powerful insights that can help you see and feel with more clarity as well.

Much love,



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*Contemplations and Affirmation source, Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year  Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.