Back from the Snake river…WOW!!  What an epic adventure!  

It’s tough to describe how being “on river time” sweeps you into this timeless vortex and with a different sense of time you can deeply connect with the rhythms of nature, even more importantly, with your own natural rhythms.

I do these outdoorsy things because this hustle culture we live in feels incredibly heavy to me most of the time and as of this moment I haven’t found how to completely unsubscribe from it.  

Although, I do sense there is a bigger movement away from the grind into a more natural flow state that is growing and I support it!

A long self sustained river trip is not for the person who is looking for the lackadaisical chill on the beach vacation. 

It’s a ton of work! 

Not only initially hauling all your gear but packing it in and out of camp each day except when you’re gifted a layover. 

We had stellar captains guiding and rowing through the rapids.  Happy to report we had one swimmer but no rafts were flipped. YAY!!

The anticipated flows on the snake were between 8,000-10,000 CFS (cubic feet per second) and ended up being 81,000 at its height.

My friends, THAT was some BIG  water! 

The views were stellar, our meals better than most high end restaurants, we had a compilation of live music, singing and a cooperative community like I’ve never seen.

I wish I would have time lapsed the put in and the take out days, it appeared to look like chaos but it’s actually a very skillful process.

As far as pics, I left most of the picture taking to the crew and took the opportunity to be more present in the experience.

The entire 2 week adventure was brimming with all the yummy goodness I could have imagined and more.

Hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had!



So what’s in the energetic forecast this week? 

June 14 has two transits,  Gate 12 and gate 11 combined with a Super Full Moon in Sagittarius

Gate 12, Gate of The Channel/Gate of Caution

Being poetic, artistic expression, discernment, standstill.

Feel, trust and express your emotions, own your creative power.  

Good ol’ emotions, another heavily conditioned aspect. 

People who are artistic, sensitive or who openly express emotions are often cast as being too much, different or even unstable. 

So much about emotion is misunderstood and inappropriately labeled.

I continually feel called into this specific topic, to open it up for further exploration with the assets of our bodies, sensation and our personal human designs. This is extremely powerful and transformational stuff my friends! 

Right timing is key. It is necessary to wait to share our ideas with the right people, especially if they are transformational insights. 

You may have seen situations where you could see the inevitable train wreck about to happen and you know that the parties involved first, are not open to hear the message and second, haven’t asked for your insight so you have to step away and let it go down?

 We all have our own path and timing.

Anyone that’s lived long enough knows when it’s your idea it digests better when it’s internally generated vs externally imposed. 

This is a big one for me personally. My children have taught me the very most about letting people walk their individual paths in their unique way and timing. 

In order to make this feel ok for me I have to stay in my own lane and use a pathway of creative expression as an outlet. 

This could look like bringing movement and music into my life. Creative projects that allow me to freely express myself without bottling anything up. A deep and lengthy conversation with a friend or some stillness and alone time. 

It all depends on if the energy needs to be moved or contemplated and received. 

I happen to be a very sensitive and emotional being, riding those waves on the daily. I have an intimate understanding that emotion IS the fuel for creativity. 


Contemplations / Journal Questions

How has shyness has caused me to judge myself?

What do I need to do to cultivate a deeper connection with Source?

What do I need to do to connect more deeply with my creative power?


 “I am a creative being. My words, my self-expression, my creative offerings have the power to change the way people see and understand the world. I am a vessel of Divine Transformation and I serve Source through the words that I share. I wait for the right timing and when I’m aligned with timing and flow, my creativity creates beauty and grace in the world. I am a Divine Channel, and I trust that the words that I serve will open the hearts of others.”


Gate 11, The Gate of the Conceptualist / Gate of Ideas

Inner contemplation, imagination, and visualization.

The pool of ideas and inspirations flooding in this week may be overwhelming. 

You may notice yourself feeling pressured or anxious about taking action on all of your ideas, (especially if your design sports an open head and ajna). 

Following every idea will most likely push you into hustling and over efforts that can leave you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.  

We are conditioned to think that we must act on all our ideas and that if we are hardworking and sacrificial then we will manifest them. Then if it doesn’t work out then there must be something wrong with us or we didn’t push hard enough. 


That simply isn’t the entire picture or the full truth. 

Rest assured that not all the ideas you receive are yours to build upon. Sometimes we are stewards or messengers to get the ideas to those who are meant to carry them out. 

There is also a timing aspect to respect if those ideas are to reach the correct people and come to fruition. 

During this full moon we can explore releasing what is getting in the way of relaxing into the divine timing aspects and trust that what is meant for you will not pass you by. Allow yourself to get real clear about your connection to source and your beliefs around abundance.  


Evaluate your achievements and accomplishments of the last few weeks.

What ideas do you have to improve what you’ve done?

What did you learn?

 Keep a running list of ideas this week. You never know when you might find the right person to share them with or when you may hit upon the million-dollar idea for your life!

 **Remember, the 11 is the gate of ideas you don’t have to manifest all of them or any of them if an idea is correct for you will show up in your life correctly according to your personal human design strategy



“ I honor my inner creative process. I’m grateful for every lesson and adventure I have in life, and I know that each story of my life experience adds  beautiful, rich threads to the tapestry of my own life story and the story of humanity. I relax and enjoy the quest for truth of my life, knowing that the more I learn, the more I grow and that the learning and growing never stops. I allow myself to savor every moment and serve as the creative  vessel I am. I relax, breathe, trust, and let the ideas flow!” 

Whether you are filled with imaginative insights or playing with your creative pursuits I hope you discover another stepping stone into what makes you marvelously YOU!

Much love,



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