Hello Friends!  I hope this week finds you well.

 June 20th 2022 Gate 15 Compassion/Contemplation

Contemplation, alchemy, and the present moment. be present and speak truth in the now 


This gate lends to being in the flow of your own rhythm. Some people have daily habits, some don’t, and some fall somewhere in between.  

Please do not beat yourself up because you don’t have the same daily habits. Find the habits and practices that work for you. Getting into comparison is a trap and takes you further away from yourself.  

Being present in the moment, cultivating self love will allow you to know when it’s time to speak what’s in your heart so you can create the most significant impact.

Sharing from your heart can feel scary and vulnerable.  Cultivating the courage to share it without compromise may be a new practice for you, continue to speak from the heart and it will build courage. 

Be in the moment this week and do what you know is right even if you are staring scarcity in the face! 

 Journal Questions

 do I trust my own rhythm?

 Do  I share from the heart? 

 Do I over share? 

 Does my sharing compromise my own heart?

 Do I judge my own rhythm?

Can I find peace in aligning with my own rhythm? 

What old patterns do I need to break?


 “Like the power of a hurricane to transform the shoreline, my unique rhythm brings change to the landscape of my life and the world around me. I embrace my own rhythm and acknowledge the power of my own heart. I share with ease, and I serve my own heart at the foundation of all I have to give the world”.


June 25th Gate 52 Perspective / The gate of stillness

Stillness, concentration, ebbing, and flowing. Wait to take action until the time is right. 


If you are looking at the bigger picture and feel yourself becoming overwhelmed.  Learn to stay focused. 

It will be an especially important task especially if you have a deep knowledge with so much to choose from. 

The idea is to see the bigger purpose and know where to focus your energy and attention to facilitate the unfolding of what’s next.

Be aware of spending your energy and placing focus on things that keep you spinning your wheels, bearing  no fruit.


“ I am like the eagle soaring above the land. I see the entirety of what needs to happen to facilitate the evolution of the world. I use my perspective to see my unique and irreplaceable role in The Cosmic plan. I see relationships and patterns that others don’t always see. My perspective helps us all to build a peaceful world more effectively  and in a consciously directed way.”


What do I do to maintain and sustain my focus? 

Is there anything in my environment or my life that I need to move out of the way in order for me to deepen my focus?

How do I manage feeling overwhelmed? 

What things am I avoiding because I feel overwhelmed by them? 

What is one bold action I can take to begin clearing the path for action? 

How does my feeling of being overwhelmed affect my self-worth? 

How can I love myself more deeply in spite of feeling overwhelmed?

My Take 

I totally relate. What really stands out for me this week is personal rhythms.

It’s incredibly easy to get wrapped up in following the path of creating rigid daily habits to override natural rhythms because they don’t fit into what might be perceived as the correct way to do it for success. 

I’m all about habits AND they have to be the ones created by you, for you otherwise it’s a set up for failure and all the carnage that follows. 

Another case of “been there so many times”, that’s how I have learned what works for me in turn, strengthening the muscle. (That and I am the lucky recipient of a defined heart/will center.)

Using the tool of human design can assist in identifying what energies may be available to work FOR you.  

It’s a magical metamorphosis to see someone come alive in their life once they begin tapping into those personal intricacies. 

My brain runs a million miles an hour most times (open head and ajna) I take in and amplify the thoughts and questions from who and what is around me. 

Overwhelm has been something I’ve grappled with consistently. It’s not an enjoyable road when you can’t focus and feel under pressure to figure it all out ASAP!

Thats’ where deciphering what is actually a product of you is helpful.  It then frees you up to focus where the energy can be most effectively used. 

Sometimes it’s a matter of learning when to take action and when to be still. 

For me there’s typically a lot of stillness then a switch goes off (defined root center) and it’s go time!!

No matter what your rhythms, I encourage you to discover them and use the flow to your advantage.  

It’s like surfing vs paddling up stream. Going with the flow is so much more enjoyable!

No matter what, when I infuse a sense of adventure and play suddenly it becomes a lot lighter. 

Take care everyone!!


Much love,



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(source for questions, contemplations and affirmations) Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year (p. 147). Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.