Hello Friends! 

This week in addition to gate 39, we are still working with gate 52 but under the influence of the New Moon.

July 29, New Moon in Cancer, Gate 52 The Gate of Perspective

Still in gate 52 but at the tail end of the transit, the New moon always asks for a deeper dive into what we would like to grow and expand in our lives.

The invitation extended per this new Moon is to take a step back and look at the overall picture.  

Paying attention to the finer details certainly has its place as does the bird’s eye perspective.

There is a Spectrum of Expression

As with any of the gate energies there is an array of expressions. 

Looking deeper into gate 52, Gate of Perspective, it is a root center gate that carries the pressure to focus.  Its energy can also present as stress, restraint and stillness.

In addition to the presence of a certain flavor of energy there can also be an absence. 

So, getting familiar with the way in which you are currently expressing any energy is valuable in helping you shift into something more resonant. 

With this awareness you can now choose where on the spectrum of expression you would like to land and navigate in that direction. 

Contemplations, Journal questions for gate 52 are in the previous blog post.

This Weeks Affirmation for Gate 52

” The stillness of my concentration allows patterns and order to be revealed to me. My understanding of this order gives me the power to continue to create effectively.  The stillness of my concentration is the source of my power this week.”

Gate 39, Gate of Recalibration/The Sacred Provocateur

Being provocative, clarity, being a force of transformation, provoke others to step into self-responsibility.

Gate 39 is a lot about getting aligned with the energies that foster faith in Source and abundance.

I personally like to use the term Source or Universe. To some this may be God or another term that helps you feel grounded in a power higher than yourself.

Whatever it is for you, I lovingly encourage you not to miss the value because the terms don’t match.

The word provocation alone can lend to some fairly negative connotations.

In reality it is a recalibration of sorts and has the capacity to serve as a great transformational force, stirring up heightened states of emotional and spiritual awareness.

Of course timing is absolutely crucial and “poking” at the right people who are ready to see their soul’s purpose is a must. Otherwise it can be misinterpreted and met with massive resistance.

An additional aspect of this gate also ask us to cultivate an open mindset that allows us take a look at where we may be taking responsibility in some way for other peoples emotions and transformation.

Journal Questions 

Do I trust Source? 

What do I need to deepen my trust in source? 

Do I feel like I have enough? 

Take stock of everything I have and everything I’ve been given. Do I have enough? 

Have I ever not been supported? 

What do I have that I am grateful for? 

Have I abdicated my own power to create? 

What needs to be healed, released, aligned or brought to my attention to reactivate my power to create my own abundance? 


“I am deeply calibrated with my faith. I trust that I am fully supported. I use experiences that create desire and wanting in me as opportunities to deepen my faith and that I will receive and create all that I need to fulfill my mind, body, and spirit. I am in the perfect flow of abundance, and I am deeply aligned with Source.”


My Take

Having faith often seems to be connected with religion. That really complicated things for me on the trust front.

As a very young person growing up I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to begin sampling a lot of different religious and spiritual belief systems.

On the list was Taoism, Buddhism, Unitarianism, Catholicism, Astrology, Hinduism, Wicca and Later Day Saints.

Mmm hmm! All. Over. The. Map!

Because of my youth and innocence I didn’t yet have the filters that most adults do and I began to internally sense some commonalities, finding  some through lines.

Every group seemed to have a Source or a higher power, faith in that higher power and practices designed to bring people closer to their version of alignment.

Now that I could get on board with! It didn’t take me long to come to an understanding of my own.

However, it took much longer to realize that my brand of internal faith is valid, that I AM valid, even if I don’t affiliate religiously.

That is the power of external influence and pressure. I call that conditioning.

This can be a triggering subject.

Please know that I am sharing a very personal and transformational experience meant in no way whatsoever to judge or insinuate that your particular religious beliefs are flawed.

You do you!  If it brings you joy and happiness I totally respect and encourage that!

What interests me most is that we connect on a human level and that we are all good and thriving humans.

I love that you are still here with me, listening with an open mind.

The fact that you haven’t unsubscribed tells me that you’re my kind of human!

My point is when it all comes down to it we must have faith that we are divinely loved and supported.

When I start to feel my faith slip away, disconnecting from Source energy, moving away from my heart and into my head (like the traditional world says I should to be smart and successful) it’s an absolute train wreck!

It’s like there is a kink in the hose and the flow gets cut off.

I’ve experimented with this most of my life and can attest to its truth for me.

Just as I am responsible for my emotional responses, trusting that are others also are in the hands of a loving universe gives some level of comfort.

I hope you find some joy and clarity in working with this weeks transits.

Much love my friends,



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(Affirmation source and journal questions, Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year (p. 146). Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.