June 8, Gate 45-Distribution (Gathering together-Gate of the Gatherer)

Leadership, Money, Wellbeing, Distribution

This gate helps us with the ability to come together and manifest what the community needs.

It also points us in the direction of teaching as a way of sharing resources. 

We must use our good judgment as we manage and distribute resources so that we can benefit the greatest number of people. 


Journal Questions

Do I like to share?

What do I have to give the world?

How do I own my right leadership?

Am I comfortable as a leader?

Do I shrink from leadership? Do I overcompensate by pushing too hard with my leadership?

Do I trust that when the right people are ready, I will be pressed into action as a leader and a teacher?

What do I need to heal, release, align or bring it to my weariness to trust my leadership energy more?


“I am a teacher and a leader. I use my resources, my knowledge and my experience to expand the resources, knowledge and experience of others. I use my blessings of abundance to increase the blessings of others. I know that I am a vehicle of wisdom and knowledge. I sense when it is right for me to share who I am and what I know with others.”

My Take

When I say resources I am talking about a number of things like time, energy, money, food, opportunities, knowledge, experience and other materials. I am sure you can think of more in greater detail.

I feel hyper aware and hyper concerned at times about these resources. 

Realizing that not everyone has the primary awareness of what constitutes a resource and that not all resources are renewable. It makes me a little nervous. 


In my opinion in order to contribute on a larger scale, we must first be well sourced ourselves. 

We can look at this as, Re-sourcing

Making sure that we have the resources we need to be viable personally, in our leadership roles and as stewards. 

There are so many things that may be slow, undetectable drains on our resources until we simply don’t have what we need to continue. 

Time to re-source.

Something truly nourishing. Whatever brings you back to your version of “Source”, what replenishes you.

When you have what you need you can then be of greater service. 

What will benefit you the most so that you can also be a full resource for others?

I would encourage you to take stock of resources, any and all so that you can develop a deeper awareness.

What are they, and what is it you need to be well sourced so you can scale that up to benefit others?

It’s amazing what we think we need vs what we really need

Here shortly I will be getting in a raft to float 72 miles down the Snake river!

Becoming mindfully aware of basic resources out there is pretty much the deal! 

Looking forward to that experience. I will be sure loop you all in on the highlights.

Adventure Girl signing off till next week! 

Much Love,  


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