Hello everyone!

Last week I went on my first overnight river rafting trip on the San Juan, from Bluff to Mexican Hat.

What a fun adventure, super grateful I was invited!

I appreciate how much you get to learn about yourself when you are out of your comfort zone and subject to the elements.

Next adventure coming in June, 6 days on the Snake, Hells Canyon.  Looking forward to sharing pics.


Up this week…

May 4, Gate 2 – Gate of Allowing

(also known as The Receptive or Gate of The Direction of Self)

Receiving, Abundance, Direction, Feminine Energy

This week we get to play in the energy of an extremely feminine gate. That means it’s deeply yin, highly receptive and asks us to calibrate our value so we can receive the abundance of life

We each carry both the masculine and feminine. Everything is a balance of yin-yang, masculine and feminine, equal and opposite.  So remember these energies are not gender specific.  It’s 100% inclusive.

Gate 2 brings us the opportunity to tell the truth about who we really are, increasing what we are willing to allow ourselves to receive.

please read the above sentence again…..

I invite you to take note of the subtle sensations, thoughts or judgments that may come up as you read that again.

Often there is a “ceiling” or limit on what we allow into our lives and it’s rooted in how we love and value ourselves.

It can show up in our lives as worry, doubt and  anxiousness about our needs being met.

We always have the option to up our frequency, moving into the more expansive side of any energy.

This is not about all the things we do. Our value is based instead on who we are and we are eligible to take part just because we exist.

When we cultivate self love we open up the flow for abundance and support. 

It helps us to go beyond our current limits, allowing ourselves to accept more fulfilling life situations that may include more money, closer relationships, better health, aligned invitations and opportunities.

Have you ever noticed that what you encounter in the world when you are feeling good about yourself seems to have a more light and friendly feel?

I want to insert a special note to those of us that have been conditioned to believe that we must prove ourselves or always struggle to receive the things we want.

Mind you this can be a completely unconscious pattern, so be kind to yourself if you discover the shoe fits.

Again this can look like the need to always be busy, productive, pushing and/or working really hard.

There is most likely a place inside of you that knows better and wants to slow the hustle, that is the place I want to speak to.


Do I ask for help when I need it?

Why or why not?

Do I trust the Universe/God/Spirit/Source to support me in fulfilling my intentions?

Am I grateful for what I have?

Make a list of everything I’m grateful for.

Can I transform my worry into trust?

Do I believe that I deserve to be supported?



“I allow myself to receive the full flow of resources and abundance I need to fully express all of who I am. I recognize that my life is a vital, irreplaceable part of the cosmic tapestry and I receive all that I need because it helps me contribute all that I am.”

(Contemplations and affirmation source) Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.


My Take

I have spent most of my life operating from a very yang leaning perspective. 

Yang is active, logical, initiating, external energy, dominating. 

It’s how I thought one might achieve success.  So, I groomed myself for that to be my default and it almost crushed me. 

It’s only been in the past 8 or so years that I have been truly exploring the yin side. 

Passive, intuitive, yielding, internal energy, nurturing. 

Nobody would walk around with a fully functional body and only use one side, right!?  We have and need them both. 

It can be the toughest thing in the world to be in “stillness”.  Feeling fearful that if you don’t hurry up and do all the things ASAP everything will fall apart. 

The counterintuitive, magical truth is that during times of stillness is when we can use rest, reflection and our ability to receive to prepare for what is to come.  

Although we don’t see inside the caterpillars cocoon, we know that what is going on in there is critical to a major metamorphosis! 

So, I will continue playing with the yin and yang aspects in my life recognizing that the yin aspects hold valuable information for me once I am still enough to receive it. 

Much Love,



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