Hi Everyone!  Big week ahead!

May 15, Gate 8- Fulfillment (also known as the gate of contribution)

Talent, Skill, Commitment To Mastery, Enthusiasm, Devotion To The Mastery Of Your Craft

YOU are the contribution! 

Picture a 5 year old girl dressed as a princess wearing her favorite cowgirl boots, dirt on her face and she’s making really tasty mud cookies! She’s not pretending to be a princess, she is the princess and everyone knows it right away.

I have deep reverence for this expression. I’d love to see that part in all of us stick around and come out to play…often.

This energy is one of making an authentic contribution. Being an example or doing something that makes a statement. It’s the contribution of being exactly who you are.

Authenticity is contagious!

This also calls us to get really good at being you in your greatness and whatever else personally calls to your soul. Find a level of expertise in it.

You will know it’s  the “correct” thing for you because you will feel a sense of  being compelled or pulled in.  Then connect with it in some small, focused way every single day so it can grow.

It is through a level of mastery of your chosen craft and inner landscape that you contribute to the collective.

Others can see what you’re up to, feel your authentic style and want to drink that kool-aid!


Do I feel safe being vulnerable?

What experiences have caused me to feel unsafe expressing my true self?

Can I rewrite those stories?

What would an uncompromising life look like for me?

What do I need to remove from my current life to make my life more authentic?

What is one bold action I can take right now that would allow me to express who I am more authentically in the world?

What is my true passion?

What do I dream of?


“I am devoted to the full expression of who I am. I defend and protect the story of my Life. I know that when I am expressing myself, without hesitation or limitation, I AM the contribution that I am here to give the world. Being myself IS my life purpose and my direction flows from my authentic alignment.”

(Contemplation and affirmations source)Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year . Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.


MAY 16, 2022 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Gate 14 – Gate of Creation

(Also known as Possession in great measure-Gate of power skills)

Prosperity, Dream Career/Work, Discernment, Inspiration

To Create Prosperity By Doing Work You Love And Inspire Others To Do The Same


Full moon time again!

Eclipse energy amplifies the intensity of the Full Moon so the hot opportunity here is to take a look at what might be keeping you from doing what you love and receiving the abundance that comes with it.

Taking advantage of this amplification is like getting a 5 minute head start at the starting line.

Life absolutely supports us. Even more so when we are relentless and unwavering in expressing our authentic selves.

This might all seem like just esoteric concepts at first. Do not let that mindset be a reason to allow yourself to compromise on what you really want.  There are processes for those who are ready, to guide thoughts into action, and materialize what you want into your real life.

You first have to believe it is possible.


To learn to make peace with the energy of resources and money. To learn to trust that you will always have opportunities. To learn to trust in sufficiency.

Unbalanced Expression

You may find yourself taking work you don’t want or that really drains you to make money, overworking or feeling worried about work and money.

Optimal Expression

Your frequency is your currency!

You will create abundance in direct relation to your alignment and trust in Source.  If you are in fear and contraction, so are your resources.  When you trust in your version of Source it’s like taking the kink out of the hose, allowing the water to flow.

Learning to be at peace about having resources comes with the alignment of yourself with your heart. It’s time to change the definition of “work”.

Instead of focusing efforts solely on material gain, focusing more energy toward a greater purpose and being in the flow of life.

Working in concert with your heart, your purpose and with a deep trust in source will ultimately send out the bold message you are available to receive.

TRUST that it will show up in your life.

You can’t grasp anything with an iron tight fist….open it up to softly hold what is valuable to you.

May 21, Gate of Patience

(also known as Contemplation, the Gate of Now)

Contemplation, Alchemy, The Present Moment

When it’s time to put on the breaks and wait it can feel limiting.  

Developing the ability to listen to your intuition and patiently wait is no easy feat!

Your intuition is your friend, trust that it will tell you what needs to happen in the interim space.

Gathering the people , resources and information needed to be ready when the time is right…..priceless!


My Take

All of this is so relevant to me.

Gates 8 and 14  already show up in my personal design as part of my life purpose and have been major life themes.

What I have been using as an anchor is that I am a human BEING and I am most successful when instead of DOING my purpose work I BE my purpose.  It’s always felt important to me to practice what I preach.

Over the years I’ve witnessed myself in phases of trusting, allowing life to flow and it magically defies any logical thoughts I may have around it.

On the flip side, when I consult my rational mind or buy into the world’s version of how it “should” be accomplished, it immediately sends me into a wild panic thinking that I’m not possibly doing enough to receive in such abundance.

That frequency is paralyzing and stops the flow dead in its tracks.

Every. Single. Time.

So, why wouldn’t I simply choose trust and be done with it?  First I am human and second  it’s who I am to be curious and to consistently refine. Each and every time I experience this cycle I learn to be more expansive, and efficient.

It is absolutely true for me that who I am is my unique contribution.  

That used to feel like such an egotistical and selfish statement! As I keep being presented with evidence that is true it becomes more comfortable.

The times I’ve been most in sync with myself, are the times I’ve received the most aligned invitations and unexpected abundance. Although it feels lovely to bask in the synchronicity forever it’s a cycle, like breathing, of expansion and contraction.

I have an emotionally defined design and have waves that I work with.  I used to be so critical of those emotions and creativity as something wrong with me or a sign of being unstable. 

It’s the signature of a creative person and a natural flow for those of us that have it. In fact it is one of my superpowers. Understanding and accepting this has helped really soften that judgment.

Nothing is always high or low but dynamic and oscillating, the one constant is change.

Being authentic, finding a level of expertise in what we love, enthusiastically shining that beacon of light so others can realize their version of this in their lives is what all of this means for me in this cycle.

To some degree I have become quite fond of change, it keeps things fresh and vital.  

Ahhh and it’s the patience piece I am continually learning to surrendering into! 

In addition to preparing , studying and playing, rest and stillness are highly productive!  I’m getting better about allowing it into my life outside sleeping hours, albeit incrementally, and the sky hasn’t fallen.

It’s an intense week bursting with energy to support what doesn’t serve you.  A fruitful time to identify the real truth about your money story and rewrite one that is more abundant, sustainable and empowering.

Much love to you!

Let your light shine my friends!


If this resonates with you or you know someone that may get value out of it please, pass it on!

As always feel free to reach out, I would love to hear how the transits land for you.



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