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So much intensity this month with Mercury in retrograde and eclipse season.

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May 27, Gate 16-Gate of Zest (Gate of Skills)

Talent, Skill, Commitment To Mastery, Enthusiasm

Commitment to a level of expertise in your craft. 

This gate brings in a highly enthusiastic flavor for creative expression.  Common expressions are music, art, dance and speaking.  This energy may compel you to just “leap in without looking”.

It challenges us then, to temper our enthusiasm and look at what we need to be prepared for the upcoming task or creation.  

The fullest expression of gate 16 is developing the courage to leap into action and inspire others to act. 

We don’t always need to know all the details before we take action but trust they can be worked out and you are ready enough to move forward without being attached to the outcome. 

I would encourage you to identify with a skill that lights you up, then begin putting in place the practices that will help you go from competency to fluency and eventually mastery. This is where it becomes a true work of art.


Do I trust my gut?

Do I need to slow down and make sure I have done my homework before I take action?

 Have I sidelined my enthusiasm because other people have told me I cannot do what I have been dreaming?


“I am a faith filled contagious force.  I take guided actions and I trust my intuition and awareness to let me know when I am prepared and ready to leap into expanding my experience and genius. My enthusiasm inspires others to trust in themselves and to take their own giant leaps of growth.”

(Contemplations and affirmations source) Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year (p. 117). Human Design Press. Kindle Edition. 

My Take 

This is a fun gate and even more fun when you can get the hang of how it expresses through you.  A certain amount of initial excitement is inspiring and contagious but this is not really meant for the long haul. I also have this gate defined so I am familiar with its charm.

Let me be clear before moving on. We all have all of the chart.  If we have an energy defined in our design it means it’s a reliable, sustainable energy or even a superpower for you. If it is undefined then you experience the energy in a variety of ways. I will definitely be offering more on the specifics of defined and undefined energies.

Gate 16 is the initial “just do it” energy and then it needs to hand off the baton (ideally to gate 48 since it completes the channel of the wavelength and brings depth to the enthusiasm).

PHEW! Isn’t it so easy to get swept up in all the excitement?!

Stifling the enthusiasm is not the answer.

It’s being more aware of its specific function per our design.

Since finding human design I have learned to use my strategy to help me make more sound decisions.

My strategy is emotional. For me specifically there are two patterns . One is like an oceanic wave with a high, a neutral and a low. The other is one that slowly builds to a peak, then releases.

In the past I have made big decisions based on that alluring, initial spark. The choices made either at the high or low end of those waves have historically turned out to be really messy. 

So you can see why I appreciate the awareness of each of the single gate energies and how they all work together in the bigger picture.

On the flip side, it came as a total shock to me that the passion and enthusiasm I carry can be inspiring!

Please, never underestimate the things that come naturally to you, they are often some  your greatest superpowers.

At the beginning of his month I felt like I could just go rock out all the things! Instead it’s been more of a slower, steady pace.  

So currently I’ve surrendered to that (with much less kicking and screaming) because I know that what goes up must come down, so I WILL TAKE IT! 

“Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.”

― Steve Maraboli


Enjoy the weekend!

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