Hello Friends!

The big put in day is coming up quick!  We head out for our 10 day adventure and rafting trip on the Snake river! There is a ton of logistics!  It’s a bit overwhelming. We have a stellar crew of friends who have loads of experience and they are kindly guiding me as a newbie.  To be continued….

Let’s see what this week has to offer.


May 30th, 2022, Gate 16-Gate of Zest 

New Moon in Gemini

Once more New Moon energy invites us to explore how we can deepen our alignment with our intentions and asks us to focus on what we want to grow and expand on in our lives 

This New moon is bursting with enthusiasm for new beginnings! 

Be sure however to do your homework, and not rush in without a firm foundation of knowledge and experience. 

Your work will pay off, check those details once more before moving into action. 

It can be tricky to build that foundation. You need to take the time to be prepared before that enthusiasm tries to hurriedly rush into a situation you’re not poised for.. 



The fear of making a mistake is so strong it can feel urgent to leap into action, even though you may know there is more to gather and put in place before you “just do it”.

To make the best use of your time, be sure to be making progress toward the basic preparations necessary so you can  be ready to leap when the right time presents itself. 

THEN do it!!!!

Trust your intuition, you will know when that is. You certainly don’t have to have every detail fleshed out to inspire others once your framework is in place.



What dreams are beginning to come to fruition?

What Is your experimentation teaching you? 

What are you needing to tweak?

What beliefs may be part of creating a manifestation of your experiments? 

Are there any old beliefs that you need to release? 

Can you imagine the full enthusiastic expression of your unique gifts and talents?



 “I allow myself to create an experiment. Experimentation and exploration are all natural part of my creative self and allows me to find the correct pattern for the expression of my talents and my soul’s Journey. It is in the relentless pursuit of this journey that I live my joy.” 


 June 2nd, Gate 35-Experience (Progress-Gate of Change)

Adventure, Emotional Experiences, Learning

To live life as the great adventure of the emotional heart

There is a natural ability here to be accomplished. However, that can lead to being in a sort of comfort zone that allows enthusiasm for learning new things to fizzle out.

Please keep in touch with that zest of gate 16.

Discern which experiences are worthwhile to participate in and cultivate the courage to share what you have learned! 

If you sense feeling jaded or bored, connect back into the beginners mindset and that enthusiastic energy.

Embrace that idea that even though you know how to know, you don’t know everything.


 Journal questions

Where am I finding passion in my life? 

Do I share my knowledge and the stories of my experiences?

 Do I see the value of what I have to share?

 What am I curious about?

 How can  I expand on that Curiosity?



“I am an experienced, wise, and knowledgeable resource for others. My experiences in life have added to the rich tapestry that is the story of humanity. I share my stories with others because my experience is a possibility for others. My stories help others create miracles in their lives.”

 (Contemplations, journal questions and affirmations source) Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year (p. 119). Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.

My take  

If you haven’t noticed I am a huge adventurer at heart!  (I have gate 35 defined as well). I’ve always had a zest for adventure.  They don’t all have to be epic but those are a blast!!

Why do I choose adventure?  Experience is the best teacher.

I’m absolutely drawn to it learning so much more about myself and the world.  It connects my mindset, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies in a profound way. It’s a “tune up”,  an up leveling, puts things in sharp perspective.

Being in nature, whether it’s climbing or biking up mountains, running a river or saying yes to something new is my classroom and a stream of lifeblood for me!

Everything out there translates back into personal and intrapersonal relationships, business, parenting, caring for our environment and more.

This particular energy has helped me through some extremely tough times in my life and I have emerged more informed and better for it every single time.  

I am  totally ok with no internet, meetings, running around in traffic and forgoing showers for a week if that means I get the chance to reconnect on that level.

In fact it’s on my list to learn to forage in the wild and not poison myself!

For those of you who have these energies undefined, I highly encourage you during this transit to take advantage of your personal sense of “adventure”.

Then take that out into the world and share it with those that are looking for what you have to offer.

Enthusiasm and adventures of the heart are such a lovely combo.

What adventures can you find both simple and epic? 

What might your next adventure bring to the pool of experience? 

I’d love to know what you find.

Much love my friends!!



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