Hello Everyone!

I hope all the Moms out there were recognized and celebrated for the irreplaceable role they play in the world!

If not, I want to recognize you right now!

Being a Mom is a profound adventure. We all have different experiences, challenges and nurture in our unique ways.  All combined it creates a beautiful tapestry for all of us. Thank you!

In Action This Week

Tuesday Gate 23-Gate of Transmission visits and Mercury, the planet of communication goes into retrograde until June 3.

March 10, Gate 23-Gate of Transmission

Also known as the gate of Assimilation.

Powerful Words, Speaking Truth, Transformation

With this gate highlighted we have the urge to bring the knowing of something forward and integrate it into expression.

This energy can help you communicate radical ideas and be recognized for your ability to initiate transformation with your words alone.


Although you may be ready to shout from the rooftops, you must realize that not everyone will be ready to hear your valuable insights.

It’s not a reflection on you. It’s simply a matter of being aware of what needs to happen next and patiently waiting for the right timing of your expression.

Please do yourself a favor and don’t try to convince people to understand, it will turn them off.

Change is inevitable, when people are ready they will be open.

PRO TIP – Be the words, the transformation, the message. As a Human Design Orchestrator/ Projector I know this concept intimately.  It’s a powerful lighthouse for those who are ready to find you and hear your words.


How can I strengthen my connection to Source?

Do I trust what I know?

What comes up for me when I know something, but I don’t know how I know what I know?

How do I handle myself when I know something but the people around me aren’t ready to hear it yet?


“I change the world with what I know. My insights and awareness have the ability to transform the way people think and perceive the world. I know that my words are powerful and transformative. I trust that the people who are ready for the change that I bring will ask me for what I know. I am a vessel for my knowingness, and I nurture myself while I wait to share what I know.”

Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde May 10 through June 3.

Be patient with yourself and others.

Anyone who knows the flavor of Mercury will be expecting delays. Do be deliberate about backing up data and double checking details.  Schedule extra time for everything, know things may not go as planned so have a few back ups.

We can look at this as a hardship or as a time to reflect and notice what in our lives might need to be edited and updated.

You don’t have to hide out, just notice how the energy might be playing out in the next few weeks and give space for yourself to recalibrate if changes are needed.

My Take

Words are powerful. They have the ability to harm and heal. Words are what makes everything come to life.

Learning what to share and when is the difference between your message falling flat and it impacting someone in a way that can help transform their life. 

Let me be clear here, transformation doesn’t always come in the form of a major life altering situation. Most often they are small shifts, changes or modifications that add up to a major change over time. 

A mentor of mine once said,”If it’s in you, it’s for you. If it needs to come out of you, it’s for others.”

I get so excited to share all the things and I’ve come to respect the invitation and timing. Imposing an idea or concept rarely bodes well, we’re simply not all in the same phase of experience at the same time.

The magic with this energy happens when you are recognized and invited. 

You would never typically run up on the stage, swipe the mic from the MC and impose your own agenda, it wouldn’t be received well at all! 

Now if you were invited as a guest to speak you would have the attention of the audience because they are there to hear what you have to say. 

With Mercury retrograde in the mix here it may very well be the time to slow it down, pay big attention to your inner world and also to where you really are being asked to express yourself in the external world. Then wait for the right time to share.

Brain dumping or journalling is an excellent tool I use to get it all out of my head and get some clarity. 

Trust that you will know in your being, in your bones, so to speak, the right time and course of action.

WYKYK=When you know you know!

I will be playing with this more over the next few weeks and I invite you to indulge in a similar process of your own. 

Next week….a full moon AND a lunar eclipse!! I’m stoked about this one!!

Much love,



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