Hello Everyone! 

As March Wraps up I hope it finds you well and you receive some value from these weekly posts.

 Maybe you have picked up a few tidbits that resonate with you or you have been diving deeper.

 As you become more familiar with their influences you can use the energy as a tool for reflection or a way to deepen your experience.


 March 30th New Moon Aries 11 degrees, 30 minutes and the Gate 21, The Gate of Self-Regulation. 

Letting go.  Regulating ourselves.  Releasing the need to control others and circumstances.  Trusting we are valuable and supported. Priceless.

It serves as a healthy reminder that you are worthy of support simply by being and don’t have to overcompensate or prove your value.

Once again, New Moon energy invites us to explore how we can deepen our alignment with our intentions and asks us to focus on what we want to grow and expand on in our lives. 

This particular New Moon brings us powerful energy for new beginnings that involves establishing new habits and patterns. 

The invitation is to explore your self-worth. This is a perfect time to explore your inner self-talk, reflect on the personal story you tell and how it directly affects the level of yummy goodness you are allowing into your life. 

Intentions are super powerful!  Adopting new sustainable habits to manage your outer environment supports you in creating a reality that reflects your true value.  


There is personal choice in the expression of these energies

Where are you currently in the spectrum of expression and where would you like to be?

In the unbalanced expression you can feel the need to control life, others, resources, etc. out of fear that you are not worthy of support. 

The optimal expression is the ability to regulate your inner and outer environment in order to sustain an energetic frequency that reflects your true value. Being self-generous and setting boundaries that maintain your value and support you in being sustainable in the world. To take the actions necessary to  embrace your true value and honor your unique role in the bigger picture.

 My Take

 When I feel an urge to control things it’s typically that I am basing my value on what I do, produce or achieve. 

It’s so exhausting! For me there absolutely has to be a balance of “do and rest” or it gets seriously ugly real quick!!

It would be a different world if everyone knew they were worthy of support and have inherent value simply because they are alive. Not to be confused with the expression of brash entitlement, or expectation.

As I get to know myself and trust the universe has my back, more gets revealed.  Cultivating habits, practices and boundaries are important and supportive.

In fact throughout this journey, there have been many discoveries that have shocked and surprised me. I’m not going to stop exploring because it could at times be uncomfortable.  I will practice being compassionate and generous with myself in those moments. 

It is an ongoing work in progress! 


Thank you for being here today! 

I believe in creating communities so if you know someone who would find interest or value here please pass it along.

Dannie 🙂


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