This week, March 14-20, we are stepping into the full moon energy and gate 19, Gate of Spirit.

March 18th we welcome the full moon in all it’s magnificent, glory!

(Virgo 27 degrees, 39 minutes Gate 6 – The Gate of Impact)

Full moon energy invites us to explore what we need to release and let go of in order to stay in alignment with our intentions. This is huge when it comes to keeping ourselves “grounded in our center”, especially as things get crazy outside of ourselves.


This full moon reminds us that:

  • Dreaming is an essential part of the creative process
  • Make those dreams big enough to call in the experience and circumstances that match your value and values.
  • To look at what you need let go of that might be keeping you from taking those big leaps of faith and moving strongly into a more aligned, abundant, and authentic life.

The previous New Moon, was all about exploring  what you need to heal, release, align, or bring into your awareness in order for you to let go of anything that is holding you back from taking those bold steps forward in pursuit of  your dreams.  

The most optimal expression of this full moon energy is maintaining a high frequency of emotional energy that supports equitability, sustainability, and peace. Using your emotional alignment to influence others and to serve as an energetic beacon of peace.

The quality of the emotional energy you cultivate is important, as it influences others to come together in an equitable, sustainable, and peaceful ways. Learning to trust that in the right timing your words and impact will have effect, avoid overriding Divine Timing.

When you understand that your life is a vehicle for service and your energy is being used to influence and impact others you begin to take on a greater sense of responsibility and obligation to maintaining a higher frequency of energy.


Your Emotional Frequency is a big deal!

If we are not in alignment with our emotional energy and inner selves we may feel:

  • Desperate
  • Emotionally reactive
  • Lacking, and invisible
  • Being willing to do whatever it takes to use resources and energy for your own good, regardless of the means
  • Fear that you will never be seen or heard. (This is especially noticeable  for those of us who have projected energy in our design to wait for that recognition and correct invitation.)

There are practices you can develop that deepen your trust in right timing, prepare yourself to be seen and to have influence, sustain your emotional energy in order to align with peaceful and sustainable solutions.

Contemplating how you feel about lack and abundance.  How can you create a greater degree of emotional abundance in your life and/or daily practice can support your efforts?

The way you deliberately align yourself with the values that create peace in your life really does cause an enormous ripple effect.

“My emotional energy influences the world around me. I am rooted in the energy of equity, sustainability, and peace. When I am aligned with abundance, I am an energetic source of influence that facilitates elegant solutions to creating peace and wellbeing. I am deliberate and aligned with values that create peace in my life, in my community and in the world.”

(SOURCE Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year (p. 67). Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.)


March 19th, gate 25, Gate of Spirit

This gate helps us trust in the Divine Order and learn to connect with and lean into your version of “Source” energy as the path to creating wellbeing in your life.  For some its God, Universe, Mother Nature, whatever higher power you chose as source for yourself.  Source is where you find infinite, sustainable resources, where you get “re-sourced”.

You need not be religious to jump on board with connecting to Source. Please don’t let that idea deter you! It is a deeply, personal concept for each of us, so embrace what source is for you.

LOVING REMINDER: Your life serves an irreplaceable role in the grand plan, please honor and live from that role, we all need you!

I hope you give yourself the gift of some exploration here this week.

One step, one inquiry, one insightful moment can begin a major shift.