Having a vision is more powerful than having goals. 

-Natalie Collins

Just after the new year is a time where I feel the collective pressure of the holiday season is coming to a close and I can finally take a breath! 

I use the space as an opportunity to reflect and reevaluate, asking questions meant for contemplation and guidance for my Vision. 


What am I grateful for? 

Has what I value shifted? 

What went well and what didn’t?  

How do I want to feel? 

What needs clearing out?  

Where do I need to focus my energy?  

Am I finding playfulness and joy?

What boundaries need to be in place for me to be holistically healthy? 

Where am I supported?


Want to know where you find priceless treasure?  


Go inward.

I get that it can feel daunting, you don’t have the time or you have other things you want or need to do.

Self exploration is not only for hardcore “self helpy” people. 

In my humble opinion it’s well worth it.

Poke around in there a tiny bit, you may be shocked at what is there for you to claim!


I’m curious, have you ever experienced this as a kid?  

You’re in your room at night. It’s dark. Your mind is sure you hear it breathing, stirring under your bed, waiting for that opportunity to grab any part of you exposed or hanging off the edge down to meet your gruesome fate! 

Holding your breath, not moving a muscle, the intensity of fear builds, you become paralyzed and helpless. 

You could probably stay in that state of feeling anxious, anticipating death or you can choose to muster up every ounce of courage you have, leap toward the nearest light source and flip the switch!  

Suddenly a rush of relief permeates your entire self and reality becomes more clear. PHEW! Not the gloom and doom you’d thought after all!  

Congratulations!  That’s perfectly normal response and a stellar survival skill.  

Problem is, most of our daily situations don’t actually warrant these primal skills but we keep responding as if we were faced with that creepy monster under the bed day in and day out, especially when starting something new or different. 

(***I may have a little insight here. Interested? Read on.)


Start with some simple body awareness


Take some pressure off of yourself, learn more about your design and how it can be used to realize your personal vision for your life!

By keeping things simple you can make micro adjustments in line with the way you are designed, opening up doors you never thought possible.

Way more effective than good ol’ will power!  (Which by design only 30% of people have more consistently available to them and of those who do, it actually works with an on/off rhythm. More on that later.) 

So stop beating yourself up if you try to assert your will power and it fizzles out. 

Been there! I am happy to help you learn more about your personal design and how to put it to work FOR you. 

What next….

I’ve created a short video for those of you ready to start using the resources you already have in simple, practical ways. *watch here

Curious about your design blueprint and what resources are there for you?  Get yours here


Wherever this finds you today I wish you well!

Enjoy all the health and happiness you decide to embrace!

Lots of love,