So excited!!  Yay!!!

Hopefully everyones body clock is adjusting and you are taking advantage of the longer days.   I really appreciate this opportunity to get my “Spring clean up” on.

What does “Spring clean up” represent to you?

Repairing things around your home.  Grooming your yard.  Decluttering those cluttered closets and storage spaces.  Cleansing and detoxing your body.  Dumping outdated thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you.  Planting a beautiful garden.  Possibly practicing slowing  down, thoroughly enjoying each moment…….

Infinite possibilities abound!

Addressing my yard and garden, organizing an office and developing a new creative space is on my agenda.

Going through files and shredding old paperwork  is wildly liberating!

I have come across so many things I had to keep, you know just in case.  Seriously an owners manual for a camera i no longer own….in Chinese!?

Learning another language is on the list but doubtful I will l need this version anytime soon.

Cards, letters and hand drawn pictures from my boys are heartwarming to reflect on and have become a precious keep sake.  THOSE ARE GOING NOWHERE!  Thanks guys I love them 🙂

Making dirt is super therapeutic for me.

Yes, you heard me, making dirt…GOOD dirt.  The kind that is rich& fragrant the kind where  where worms love to be.

Finally, after saving food scraps, laying down cardboard, redistributing leaves, watching it look and smell like a total heaping mess as it composts, it is ready to go!

I call this ground work.

The process where you get the foundation ready and plant seeds for the future.

It’s usually messy and a far cry from the finished product but if you keep at it you get to witness magic your investment produces! Common to life in many ways.

Groundwork has been a way for me to learn and appreciate what goes into it, including the part where there is less doing more being.  A much needed and welcomed concept I can apply like a template in other areas of my life.

Be present, do your best work, wait patiently. 

The planting you do today sets the stage for tomorrows bountiful.

Do you have a process that nurtures you?

What foundations are you preparing?

What seeds would you like to plant for your future?



Dannielle 🙂