Gate 17, Gate of Anticipation

Have you ever had an idea or insight  accompanied by a burning desire to go right out and share it with everyone you know? Here’s the deal: the energy in gate 17 helps us to learn to share our thoughts about possibilities only when people ask for them and not let doubt and suspicion keep you from seeing the potential of positive outcomes. 

Oh Yeah! I am feeling you on this! Right now you may be thinking but wait, this is important, it can even feel urgent and could be just the solution to a particular problem out there.  However, you can be shouting from the hilltops by megaphone and until people are in a state of readiness to hear it, the message will most likely fall flat. By waiting to be asked, you free up the energy that’s being used to chase, push, or force, and guide it into something that serves you better.  


You absolutely have a valuable and unique contribution to make, it doesn’t have to involve suffering.  

When you cultivate routines and strategies that keep your perspectives expanding and possibility oriented, the waiting becomes valuable time to explore what brings you joy.  In turn while you are fully engaging with and enjoying the moments of your life you are attracting like a beacon those ready to hear what you have to offer.


Here are some contemplations the Gate of Anticipation invites us to consider. 

The practice of inquiry, asking yourself deliberate questions to contemplate helps reveal what your deepest, inner truths are. Guided by that information, making better, more informed choices comes as a result. 

The mind can be an asset when it’s doing its specialized jobs, processing data and channeling creative insights. It leads to further exploration that can inspire elegant solutions to the challenges facing us all.  

How do I feel about holding back from sharing my insights until the timing is right?

What can I do to manage my need to share without waiting for the right timing?

How can I improve my ability to manage doubt and fear?

What do you need to do to manage your  insights and ideas so that they increase the options and potential of others? 

(Contemplations by Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.)


My personal Take

I have plenty of experience in the waiting game!  In fact it’s a big part of my design that I had little understanding of.  I thought I was supposed to get myself out there and make things happen!!! 

The just do it mindset directly negates the entire concept of waiting to be asked, right timing and throws me quickly swimming in doubt, fear and BURNOUT!!

Being the enthusiastic person I am, my propensity is to feel that spark and immediately jump on the bus for an adventure! It takes some regular self-constraint to keep myself grounded, focused and waiting for the right invitations. 

Sometimes the recognition and invitation come and other times they never do. I have found that it’s less of a hold up and more of a safety feature.  It keeps me on the lookout for receiving the “correct” and “aligned” invitations.  

Chillin out and following the flow has ALWAYS landed me in better places than being a forceful go getter ever has. 

I really appreciate working with the energy of the transits! They are energy potentials that we all can take advantage of. Typically transits are not as potent as some other influences so it’s a fun doorway for developing a new awareness of these different energies and how they are expressed in your life.


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