When I decided to offer transit reports I felt it was important to just get started.

This week I will provide you with a bit more about what transits are.

Human Design transits show how the movement of the planets creates inner shifts and external events in your life. Unlike astrological transits, which use aspects, houses and signs, Human Design transits happen in gates and centers and they occur about every 6 days.

There are 64 gates and 9 centers in the Human Design System. 

The gates come from the I Ching and the centers inspired by the Hindu Chakra system.

 These effects are not as powerful as energy from people around us, or the energies we get when we were born but they still affect us every day, all day long.

If you have these specific gates defined in your Human Design Chart already then you may feel a bit of an amplification in that energy.  If you have them undefined then you get to “borrow” the energy in that gate for the time in transit, (or if you come in contact with a person who ahas it defined in their design) possibly connecting channels of energy or providing inspiration or wisdom for you.

If you are especially sensitive most likely you readily sense these dynamics.  If you’ve become “desensitized”, wanting to develop being more sensitive, this is a fun way to reconnect and experiment with how external energy plays out in your day to day, or as bigger life themes.

I have had some beautiful personal insights working with these energetics

As you become more aware of the current transits you can plan to take advantage of the support they offer in your life. 

*If you are following along with these energetic transits and you missed last weeks blog, you can read it here.

*Would you like to see what gates are in your Human Design Body graph, request your free chart here.


Current Transits for March 6-13, 2022

On March 8th gate 22, Gate of Surrender

Gate 22 asks for you to trust that your passions and deepest desires are deeply supported. To have the courage to follow your passion and know that you will be supported. To learn to regulate your emotional energy so that you have faith that everything is unfolding perfectly.

It can be challenging to trust in that support.

When this energy is unbalanced it can look like not feeling supported, holding back, stifling passions because you cant “afford” to pursue it.  Compromising, settling or letting despair regulate your emotional energy causing you to feel shut down or stuck.

Fortunately you can contemplate where you are being challenged, and use those answers to affirm a different approach.

Here is a powerful affirmation from Karen Curry Parker.

“I am a global change agent. I am inspired with passions that serve the purpose of transforming the world. I trust that my emotions and my passion will align me with faith and the flow of resources I need to do to fulfill my life purpose. When I let go and follow my passion, I am given everything I need to change the world.”

March 13 Gate 36, Gate of Exploration

The challenge of gate 36 is to not let boredom cause you to leap into chaos. To learn to stick with something long enough to become skillful and to bear the fruits of your experience.

How does boredom play out in your  life? What types of things do you do when you are bored? How do you keep your emotional alignment through times of boredom?

This one is open in my chart so I can take it in and amplify it. I’ve found myself running around rearranging the furniture or making some change just for the sake of change!!

What do I need to add to my daily practice to amp up my emotional energy and support my intentions? 

Staying emotionally aligned and holding a vision as you wait for the fruits of your intentions to appear may feel a bit outside your comfort zone.  Even though it is scary to be out of the comfort zone, you can choose to move yourself  into something new and more aligned with your Truth while you wait.


In a nutshell

Now is the time for cultivating the faith and trust that you are deeply supported in your energetically aligned pursuits. To keep yourself emotionally balanced and not let yourself get swept up in chaos because the waiting feels unfruitful. It’s our job to plant the seeds then keep a caring eye on them as they grow into their fruition.

Please don’t go digging them up because your not sure if they are sprouting! Trust that they will, in their own timing, do their magic!

In the meantime take advantage of this current to explore more deeply what needs to be healed, released, aligned, and brought to your awareness for you to deepen your faith.


Next week we will chat about this months full Moon and the gate of Spirit!

Dannie 🙂


Source: Curry Parker, Karen. 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year (Kindle Locations 662-666). Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.