When someone asks , “how are you” and you say something that starts out like ,”Omg I’m so busy”, keep reading

Work, family, running a business, personal relationships, (being human)  it all takes time & energy.

If you do any or all of these then you are probably familiar with how getting stuck on the treadmill of being “so busy” can take over your life!

It’s common in our culture  to feel pressure to be a doer, to produce. 


It’s like some revered  badge of honor

Diving head on into the rabbit hole of multi-tasking, fulfilling outside expectations, constantly reaching & reacting rather than responding in ways that are truly meaningful to you can be extremely draining!

Ahhh, your reward is to bask in the feel good afterglow of productivity!  That is if you even have anything left in you once you’re done! 

Does it ever seem like some people can go and go, effortlessly  and nonstop then for others (maybe yourself) it’s a serious drag that leads to burn out? 

Living this way can leave you feeling down on yourself, comparing yourself and your accomplishments to others.

Here’s the other real side of things nobody likes to talk about.

You might do well-meaning, self-soothing things that help “take the edge off”.  You know what I’m talking about. Meant as self-care , away to relax or a reward, you go for that glass of wine, binging on Netflix, food or exercise. Before long these might become yet another drag. 

It’s like Groundhog Day, day in day out.


I’ve been there and I get it!!!  

I invite you to consider something you may not be aware of  that very well could be a major game changer for you.

Is it possible you may actually have a different natural energy type and if you were to operate in harmony with it you could accomplish things you never though possible while feeling energized, confident and free?

If you are even a tad bit curious then gift yourself a few quiet moments right now.

Let’s visit with your most wise inner self.

As you inquire honestly, without judgment, listen to what your body & first gut response has to say.

Be willing to will feel the answer, allow it to come in and simply be aware of bodily sensations.

No effort necessary, trust yourself and rest assured that your body knows what to do.

Take a nice big inhale……let your body naturally, release to the exhale and decompress.

Quietly and clearly ask your heart:

Does the current way I am operating truly serve me?

Does how I am operating generally leave me feeling energized or depleted? 

Notice your breath. Where do you feel sensation? Is it in your jaw, neck, shoulders, stomach, legs?

What do you sense? Hot, cold, heavy, lightness, a feeling or emotion of some sort? A message?

Without any judgement, simply notice. 


I want to pause here and give you a giant CONGRATULATIONS!

You just did something incredibly powerful for yourself!!

Self reflection can feel super intimidating & thats why we so often avoid it.

Nice job my friend!!!

Small insight and action add up to BIG MAGIC!

If you felt inside yourself that your answer was anything other than yes I am served and I feel energized then you my friend have arrived in the right place!

What now?

Are you ready to reveal for yourself what might be your next small powerful step?

Great!  first get your free Human Design energy blueprint here and share your results!

Dannielle 🙂