Almost like it’s in the air!

There is so much going on around us energetically, all the time.  These almost magical forces working both behind the scenes and in clear sight can offer us remarkable, practical support.

One  example of energetics at play is when you meet first someone, you may get a certain “vibe” from them.  Maybe you hit it off or you get a repelling sense that they are not a person for you.  Have you ever thought of someone then shortly after they reach out to you or you bump into them somewhere?

Another felt sense of energy is when Mercury goes into retrograde.  MR impacts all forms of communication and the way we think about things. During these periods, we often experience delays, mix-ups, and accidents when it comes to communication, transportation, and technology.

In the case of MR it’s SUPER FRUSTRATING to get through a workday or project when communications, transportation and tech are wonky!

I always get a kick out of this because MR seems to be an energy people are impacted by although they may not put it together.

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you had a little heads up on the energetic climate before hand so you could anticipate those shifts and work WITH them in stead of against them?


What IS in the air?

Right now there is a specific energetic current and I’m taking this opportunity to give you that heads up I was talking about.


On February 24th the gate 37, Gate of Peace came into play.

The challenge here is to find inner peace as the true source to outer peace. To not let chaos and outer circumstances knock you off your center and disrupt your peace.

Here we are being asked to rely on the habits , routines and practices that keep us grounded in our inner peace, cultivating a deep peaceful emotional frequency.

On March 2nd New Moon Pisces (12 degrees, 6 minutes)  and Gate 63 Curiosity

New Moon energy invites us to explore how we can deepen our alignment with our intentions and asks us to focus on what we want to grow and expand on in our lives.

The word for this New Moon cycle is DREAM.

This theme of curiosity begs the question “What else is possible?”

The other theme highlighted by this New Moon Cycle is GRATITUDE.

A lot of us resist gratitude, it can be hard to focus on especially when things aren’t going according to our plans.

The New Moon encourages us to shift our perspective and to focus on what is working as a foundation for greater growth. The more you appreciate what you have, the better your perspective is for growth and expansion. 

Be aware that doubt, especially self doubt can creep in leading to the struggle for certainty. The unwillingness to question an old idea. The loss of curiosity.

Let yourself be curious, ask questions that stimulate the imaginations of yourself and others, give yourself permission to follow the flow of possibility thinking.

The most optimal expression of this energy is using questioning and curiosity as a way of stimulating dreams of new possibilities and potentials. Thoughts that inspire the question of what needs to happen to make an idea a reality.

The more you are willing to leave behind old limits and engage with the world through the lens of curiosity, wonder and gratitude the more you open up your mind is to bigger dreams!



On march 8th we welcome gate 22, Gate of Surrender

The challenge is to trust that your passions and deepest desires are supported by the Universal flow of abundance. To have the courage to follow your passion and know that you will be supported. To learn to regulate your emotional energy so that you have faith that everything will unfold perfectly.

How many times have you settled for less than what you want because you’re afraid you cant actually get what you want? It’s a bummer right?

Deepening  your trust that you are supported (even if you don’t have the answer right this moment) will go a looooooooong way!

Even though it is hard to trust in that support, choosing to trust anyway, knowing you are deeply loved and supported will initiate that energy to flow.


Thats whats up my friends!!

For those who want to follow along and really experiment with using these energetic influences in your life, I am happy give you a more detailed version with extras including contemplations & affirmations.

For most people what is here is enough, more details can be overload.

I personally love depth but that doesn’t mean it’s everyones jam. 😉

So, let me know you want more by sending me a message that says, ” Yes, I want the deets Dannie”,  and I will include you in going deeper. 


Stay tuned for upcoming energetic reports!


Gate and Transit information is from from Karen Curry Parker, 2022 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide: Using Solar Transits to Design Your Year . Human Design Press. Kindle Edition.